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Buc's fans still talking stuff about our Redskins!


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h-town baller

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wow thats some pretty big talk 4 a fan whhen there team has made the playoffs once in like what the last 9 years????????????????????????

and weve been out of it 4 2 years???????? i bet u havent been talkin smack in the last 9 years

ooooooo im a redskins fan i wear a pigs nose and a skirt OOOOOOOo

shaun alexander is gonna run over sean taylor

...... if i could get the account to work on there id tell em **** the past we beat em thats all that matters....

secondly... its better than wearing chucky dolls on my shoulders or havin some fat guy act like my mascot with his face painted and a rhino horn on his head eating a bucket of chicken... (did any1 see that :laugh: ) id much rather wear a pig nose or somethin

lastly.... aint nobody gon run over ST!!!

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Don't even pay them any mind. Ignoring 'it' always makes it worse for the other side. What do you have to gain by listening to that trash? We won and we're in, they lost and they're not. Simple. Talk is cheap, really.

;) not wen it comes to talkin about runnin over ST lmao

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The only time a Bucs fan can argue the past is when he's speaking with NFC South fans.

Guess what buddy.......Gibbs and the Skins have more Lombardi Trophies than your whole division!

Give me a break

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! GOOD ONE!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :cheers: :cheers:

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