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Washington @ Seattle..The Matchup - Quarterbacks


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Now, this is my first attempt, correct away as you see fit, I am in no way an NFL analyst. Seahawks fans can chime in as well, just keep everything respectful.

The Quarterbacks

Matt Hasselbeck

Stats 294 - 449 attempts, 65.5 %, 3459 yards, 24 TD - 9 INTs , 41-20+,7-40+

From what I've seen, Hasselbeck is a very smart passer, he isn't exceptionally strong or accurate, but he knows when and where to throw. He's one of the better quarterbacks in the league, and underrated. However, while he isn't considered immobile, he isn't a scrambler, and he is not as mobile as Simms was last game. If we can get the blitz, its over. However, he has an effective O-Line. He does have a lower QB rating against NFC teams, and two of his worse games came against NFC East teams (Dallas was his worst, Giants being his 3rd worse game.) He also plays worse at home than away. His stats do drop as the game progresses, so that should be noted as well.

Sadly, his stats in december are his best (135.5 passer rating). Basically, looking over his stats, nothing out of the ordinary. Blitz the hell out of him and hope it shakes him some.

Mark Brunell

Stats 262-454 attempts, 57.7%, 3050 yards, 23 TD-10 INT, 36-20+, 9-40+

Being a Skins fan, watching most every game, Brunell still bugs me. He can come out, play amazing, yet some games he can fail miserably. He's the epitomity of that one chorus line "I ain't as good as I once was // But I'm as good once as I ever was."

That being said, he can still scramble with 12 runs for a first down. He can pass on the run, and even with a bum knee still set for a pass. However, he makes bad decisions and tries to force the ball too much. He also takes timeouts sometimes that end up biting us on the rear, and he had a problem earlier in the year with holding on the ball.

The key to stopping Brunell would be to rush him like any other passer. Nothing extraodinary here, however he did have an amazingly average game against Seattle last time.


To be honest, Hasselbeck is the better QB, but this year, they are both about equal. Hasselbeck just tends to be more consistent than Brunell is.

Additional None QB related facts:

Against upper ranked Defenses (Indy, Washington, Philly, Jax), Alexander has had only 1 100+ yard game, and had 5 TDs. They played Arizona 2x, St.Louis 2x, San Fran once, and Texans once. In those games (yes they are 6 games I know), he ran for 950+ yards, and ran for 16 TDs. A good chunk of his yardage and TDs came against bottom ranked run defenses.

On the other hand, Portis runs better on grass, and on the road. And he runs better against teams with good Ds (Chicago, Philly, Tampa (besides the last game), Denver), and worse against teams with horrible Ds (KC, Oakland).

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