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So we set a record, the record we broke was the 2000 Superbowl Champs: Ravens


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That notorius rumor site: PFT has this:



With their first playoff win since 1999, the Redskins established an NFL record for the least total yards in a postseason game by the winning team.

Officially, the 'Skins earned 120 total stripes, including a pathetic 25 net passing yards.

But the defense got it done for the Redskins, who will be a dangerous team moving forward. After all, the team whose "record" the Redskins broke on Saturday -- the 2000 Baltimore Ravens -- merely went on to win the Super Bowl.

Next, the Redskins go to Seattle. The Seahawks had a heckuva time with two other NFC East teams, the Cowboys and Giants, at Qwest Field this season. And one of Seattle's three losses this season came against the Redskins, on October 2 in D.C.

Call us crazy (again), but we like the Redskins to go on the road (again) and to beat the 'Hawks (again).<<

Interesting thing about comparing us to the Ravens. If we win a superbowl, I'm all for our offense breaking records for no offense!

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No, the D scored 14 points, really. Portis gets props for powering into the end zone but where did he start from, the 5? Wherever Lavar put the O, is my point.

THe O scored 3 points.

Good point.

But that was the point. The entire team scored those points. And when you compete against the #1 D, that is when the entire team effort is capitalized. We had >30 point games the three games before. Our offense is not retarded. We will bounce back.

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