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Analysis of Next Week's Game

method man

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What is most important next week is that we get back Springs and I do not think there is anything more Springs would love than to defeat his former team. I respect Seattle's wide receiving corps and most scared of Engram, not D. Jax or Joe Jurevicius. I feel while JJ and D. Jax will get at least 50 yards each, Engram could get a 100 yards as he was uncoverable the last time these two teams played. It will be interesting to see whether one of the NFL's top corner trios can cover one of the NFL's top receiving trios (with safety help of course). The key for the Skins is that they jump to an early lead so that the Seahawks abandon the run. I think if this game is close (less than 7 points), you will win it because Alexander will get 30 carries and break of a long run or two. If the Skins jump out to an early lead, Alexander will have a similar stat line to Tiki Barber in Week 16 (who had 12 rushes for 60 yards [a respectable 5 ypc]).

On offense, Brunell must be accurate. It is so clear that Brunell's MCL injury is hurting his throwing motion. Along with this, I think Rhodes will instruct his D to not hurt Brunell if they sack him (as Ramsey could galvanize the passing attack). More important than this, however, Portis must heal up. He has played injured the whole season but only with Portis can our offense be effective. With Betts, he does not have great vision and his only strength rushing-wise is his burst. If he hits a hole hard, he is going to gain 8-9 yards, but this happens only during 20% of his runs. I expect a significant pass rush from Seattle's D-Line alone (especially interior with Rocky Barnard). I am very concerned about a Rocky vs. Dockery/Brown matchup and this could prove to be very significant.

My final prediction, however, is:

Skins 24

Hawks 14

Why? Gibbs won't let this ineptitude on offense continue for another game. Gibbs in the playoffs is 3x better than Gibbs in the regular season. I just feel that the offense will get back on track and given Holmgrem's record against the Skins, I have to give the edge to the Skins. I further feel that Seattle is a paper tiger in that they have beaten only 2 winning teams this season while the Skins have beaten 5. Furthermore, by not playing for two weeks, Seattle may have lost some of its momentum and there is the possibility that they could feel this will be an easy game.

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Few keys:

Time of Possession -

Remember we moved the ball efficiently by converting long 3rd downs against Seattle earlier this year. We have to have those 10 play drives @ Seattle. They have a dominant OLine and will wear us down if we stay on the field 35-40 minutes on D.

Physicality in secondary -

Albeit Seattle has had much improved WR play in 05' but I think we may be able to rattle them ala Dallas with punishing blows over the middle. We have a very physical secondary. I love how are CB's (other than Harris) are such surefire tacklers. Big hits early could set the tone.

Out of the gates quick -

They rested players @ GB and had a week off. We are nicked up. It's the whole rust effect argument. Our 1st quarter defensive plays won us this ballgame today. With a fired up crowd rooting for the best ever team in their history we will need to diffuse the excitement with a solid first quarter.

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