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The thing Is About Sean Taylor is....


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Now Let me start out and say I love the Skins and Have Loved them since the Day's of Ken Houston,Larry Brown and Ole Sonny Jurgensen, But what S Taylor did today was Bush League and I think The flag and being kicked out was Correct. And If I was M Pittman I would have not thrown a punch at the time mine would have been after the game. And I'm sure Joe Gibbs is not happy about what happen either because it is this thpe of thing that can cost us the game...And next time it might..And anybody who is excuseing this action by saying M Pittman is a wife beater will be the same one's screeming the next time Taylor costs us a game because of his actions...We are lucky he isn't gonna miss next weeks game...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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