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The OFFICIAL Karma Thread -- Seattle Style!!!


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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Divisional Playoff version of the weekly karma thread!!!

Since the first Eagles game (a win, BTW) we've had a thread in which we say good things (and only good things) about our opponents, their city, or anything else -- as long as it's positive. This week, of course, we battle the NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks. Let the positivity begin. This is in an effort to sway the karmazmic pendulum fully in the direction of our beloved Washington Redskins.

autographcollector is the ONLY ES member allowed to -- in fact mandated to -- post NEGATIVE thoughts about the Seahawks. We are UNDEFEATED since he began doing so. :cheers:

I'll start:

I like the Seahawks because we beat them the first time! :point2sky

I like Shaun Alexander, because he is a monster of a back.

I like Mike Holmgren because he looks like Craig Stadler.

I like Mike Holmgren because he looks like Andy Reid.

I like the State of Washington, because its name reminds me of the Redskins.

I like the Seahawks because Blue Talon is one of my favorite visiting fans on ES.

I like the Seahawks because they're about to put us in the NFC Championship Game.

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Cool. Now this is somthing I can get into. I like the Seahawks because


Okay. Maybe not. ;)

Ahhh...Classic PCS. Somehow your posts always give me a sense of security. Everything's gonna be juuuuuust fiiiiiine!


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I like Seattle because it's always a rainy day there.

Is that actually true?


"Seattle has a well-deserved wet and rainy reputation, perpetuated not least by the self-depreciating humor of its citizens. It is a pertinent point that the 36 inches of annual rainfall received by Seattle each year is less than the annual rainfall of places like New York. It is just that the rain comes down over a longer period--often precipitating as a slow drizzle, begrudgingly deposited by low lying clouds that seem to hang around far longer than necessary to get the job done."

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I like their colors.

I like the fact that it's always rainy and gloomy their.

I like the fact that it is the home to "grunge."

I like that we have already beat them once, and are about to again.

And hell, for all I know, they have some hot cheerleaders.

Oh, and they got that cool needle thingy!


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