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Can Brunell please just step up in the pocket????


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Amen! Hey I'll be the first to admit that we won and Tampa has a bad azz D. However, Mark seems to be falling back into his old form of back pedaling out of the pocket and refusing to step up into the protection.

I've never played QB but from my spot here in the old arm chair he could have avoided some sacks by simply stepping up in the pocket and could have bought some time for our receivers to get open.

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If I have to keep watching him back pedal when those DE's keep going really wide, all he has to do is just step up, not move back. My only gripe. :)

Thank God someone else said it. He has been doing that several times during the last half of this season. He does not let the pocket form around him; he has to step up. Maybe its a confidence thing. Not sure.

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