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The pulse of the Redskin faithful?


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I am serene and happy to be in the playoffs. I am smiling supremely that Joe Jackson Gibbs has proven his doubtors wrong. I see a chance to get revenge on a team that hurt our progress during the regular season. I don't "need" a win today to feel like our beloved Washington Redskins made huge leaps this year in discipline, pride, and motivation for next season.

(I'm also relieved to be able to sit down and watch this game today without the distraction of fantasy updates and angst over whether or not I can win THAT game.) :)

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I have butterflies. Too excited to sit still. I'm just hoping we continue to play smart and protect the football. If we lose, it will only be because we are our own worst enemy(penalties and turnovers).

Play smart Skins. Play smart!!!

:applause: That too.

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Some nerves (but I am always nervous before any game)... some fanticipation... quiet confidence, which I haven't felt for a long, long time.

Still working.. trying to keep the nerves to a minimum.

In 10 minutes.. I shut down my work computer... grab my munchies, laptop so I can be "with" everyone here as well.. and park myself in front of the television with 5 members of my family.. one of which was born November 30th, since which time the Redskins have not LOST....

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