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Will someone tape the game???


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You're going to SOMEONE ELSE"S wedding recpetion? I didn't even go to mine! I intentionally scheduled my wedding August 28th (1993) so my wedding, honey moon, and future anniversaries would NEVER interfere with the regular season.

Don't do it...don't go dude. The pain caused by your absense will diminish over time. Don't do it man! Or, go buy a pocket TV and cut out part of the Bible. Just hold onto the Bible like you are really having deep emotions about the committment they are about to make. You will come out smelling like a rose, and you won't miss a snap.

Just don't leave the Redskins dude. Think this through. We are here for you.

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TiVo man, TiVo.

If the guests at the wedding have any balls at all, the men will find a way to watch this game.

My advice. Go, tell the priest to hurry the hell up, get to the reception, get 2 beers from the open bar, tip the bartender a $50 so you can skip the line for the rest of the day, organize all the Skins fans, and figure out a way to watch the g/d game.

Tell your significant other you will dance all she wants after the game is over (and when you are nice and liquored up.)

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