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Any Redskin Bars In Las Vegas?

pR0JEkT 21

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Ok here is the deal, I live in Las Vegas, so this is going out to mostly the users that live here in this city becuase I have a situation..I have no one to hang out with to watch the game because my family went to Colorado and my friends are working so that stresses me out because this is a game not to be alone. Im not really in the mood to watch the game here at the house all by myself you know. So Im asking if anybody is willing to sweep up from the house Ill pm whoever is willing to do that for me as a favor so we can scream our heads off together. Can someone please pick me up..we can go to Buffalo Wild Wings or something that would be great the game starts at 1 30pm pacific time. Let me know if anybody is willing to help me out, Im just like you Redskins fans Ive been waiting for this appearance for the last 6 years. GO REDSKINS :D .

Anybody know if there is a Redskin bar out here I can go to, if no one comes to hang out with me then I guess Ill walk or catch the bus somewhere.

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Damn, never knew Jackson's was a Redskins bar. Been here too damn long, the heat must be getting to me.
Is that what the place is aclled? I've never been there I just found out yesterday night at the Paris Hotel - Casino. I was walking by and some fool were like GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like hells yeah! Then I kept walking and another guy said the same thing and I was like how the hell do they know I'm a Redskins fan? Then my wife pointed out to me that I had my brand new Redskins hat on that she got me for my birthday last week. I'm such a moran! Anyways, let me get to the point. The guy was a security officer there at the hotel and asked me about my hat cause hes never seen it before. I told him to go to fanzz at the Galleria mall in Henderson cause my wife just got it as they were coming out the box they were not even on the shelf yet. So as as I was saying other than my hat is bad ass...he's the guy that told me about the Redskins bar so thats cool maybe I'll see you there this season HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!! :D
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