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Mike Sellers getting some carries next year?


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One thing that Mike Sellers seems to have plenty of is confidence. He was surprised in the beginning of the year that he was getting thrown to so often, but was never doubtful of his own skills. Even recently, he has said that he doesn't understand why teams aren't covering him regardless of his impressive TD-to-reception ratio. However, receptions aren't necessarily the first thing you think of when you invision Mike Sellers as Fullback.

He blocks like a massive boulder, being rolled by Clinton Portis, often with the help of Randy Thomas and Chris Cooley. Obviously, this is a brick wall leading for Portis and it has shown its effectiveness (even with ole Ray Brown filling in) in the last couple of weeks.

One of Gibb's talents is finding players that are able to be spread around the offense, the most obvious of which is Chris Cooley at Gibb's heralded H-Back position.

The point of this thread is this: As of now, Sellers appears to be the classic blocking fullback, making his presence felt with cracking hits and blocks on running plays, redzone appearances, and special teams. However, how many of you can see him as transforming into more of an H-Back? With all conditioning being equal, could you imagine Cooley and Sellers in one of Gibb's Single Wideout I-Form sets, where Sellers may have the option of running the ball?

With all of motion and substituting that Gibbs does, I think it would add the perfect amount of uncertainty to a defense to see a few Sellers rushes in a game. This would keep defenses worried about Portis, primarily, then every once in a while, thrown off by a misdirection run to Sellers. Think of the third and short down possibilities. Also, with Betts/Rock/Nemo coming in for Portis autonomously, that constitutes three very capable backs to account for. Sellers has hands as well, so you have the typical WR's on the offense, then you have Portis running, Cooley receiving/blocking, and Sellers receiving/blocking/running.

I'm sorry if this seems obvious or stupid, but I'm just toying with ideas for next season. This offense is often called simplistic, which it is, as far as formations go. you don't see any weird bunch or 5WR sets, but the ingenuity of the playbook comes from the versatility of the players and roles Gibbs has set up. I just see Sellers as a player that hasn't yet being fully utilized. This even shows with the mov from TE to FB this year.

Your thoughts?


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why do you hate on Sellers? You want to make him carry the ball when what he really likes to do is lights out people? Why do you hate on Sellers why good sir why?

Haha no of course I don't hate on Sellers. I love pretty much everything about him, even the fact that he stands by himself before kickoffs. :laugh:

I'm just saying that even He himself has said expressed a desire to run the ball next year. I forget which interview it was, but he has said that he looks forward to maybe running some next year. I think it would add another dimension to our already well-rounded offense. Portis can, but shouldn't go on getting 40 carries a game. :)

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Well written post, and I agree with a lot of what you're saying. Sellers knows how to run the rock. He had a lot of carries and catches when he played in the cfl. I would like to see him get a few carries a game. I asked him if he was going to get some carries next year in his interview with Art, and this is what he said:

"I’ve been in Earnest Byner’s ear a lot, the running backs coach. You know, they’ve seen glimpses of it. I think maybe next year, I’ll get a lot more chances to run the ball."


You should read the whole chat if you like Sellers. Great interview.

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What does Sellers wiegh? 270?

You need to smash some D's with him from time to time.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of him in the second half when we have the lead.

Portis is awesome, but let's face it. He runs with all of his heart, it's only a matter of time when he could get hurt running like that.

Sellers is a rock, he doesn't get rattled, and he is a tank.

I have never been one to rely to heavily on any one person in the running and recieving positions. It's too dangerous, and you could find your self with no hope if a key player goes down.

I say run the ball 30 times a game, 20 for Portis, 10 for Bettes and Sellers.

Or better yet 15 carrys for Protis, 12 carrys for Bettes and Sellers, and 3 throws to Portis.

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