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I was told If I wear my Redskins gear in Tampa......


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That Ill have stuff thrown at me, and possibly have people wanting to fight!


R U Guys that r going scared of having this happen? my buddy lives in Tampa and says it happens all the time, and being that this is a playoffs game, he said "u better not wear your gear, and if you do be prepared to have sh!t thrown at you and verbal abuse all day"

what do you guys think about this? should I dress or be a pv$$y and

and not!


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hell yeh represent. we yell at people in FedEX, it's all in good fun.

Although, if you run into some jackasses that really are being malicious, then just keep your mouth shut and ignore them. The scoreboard is alllllll the smacktalk you will need hopefully. :D And, there WILL be security at the game, if you end up needing it. :laugh:

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I wore a Skins jersey, jacket and hat into the toughest stadium in the league (Philly). No one said a word to me.

Wear your gear with pride!

I want to badly, and yea Im am having some doubts, but FK it, if someone wants to fight me bad enough, then they can!

BTW, this Jersey is yes #11, but guess what, it has NO NAME on the back!!!

that's kinda cool! I bought it when Mark Rypien was the sh!t!!!!

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ok guys thanks! I'm still a bit "skeeerd" but FK it! Ive never been more proud to be

a SKINS fan right now! either way, WE done good this year! Im just glad I have a chance to see my boys play!

I'LL BE IN SEC. 245, CORNER SECTION, Next to that stupid pirate ship!!!

I HOPE some fellow skins fans will be near me!

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LMAO @ Tampa fans getting in a fight. What are they gonna do, beat you with their walkers?

Besides, there will be more Skins fans there than Bucs fans, so if there's a brawl you'll be fine.

Actually, we're talking Tampa, so you're more likely to have a Yux fan try and beat you with his mullet!

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this is me.....being drunk, fkd up, and just partying tonight! READY FOR TOMORROW!

Please don't laugh, LOL, Muwahahahahahahah....The Old English is me trying to be ghetto!, Muwahahaha, lmfao :logo: :helmet: :logo: :helmet: :cheers: :cheers:

Make sure you're able to wake your butt up for the game :mad: :logo: :cheers:

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