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Is It Worth Bringing Back Smoot???


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Hmmmmm.......bring back a player that was always a fan favorite until he left...........who never got in trouble here........at a position we have no depth at..........at a position that is vitally important to the blitzing defense Williams employs.........at probably a low salary due to his recent troubles.........who last year EVERYONE wanted to keep more than anything.......who is 8 years younger than Sean Springs..........that'll play under a coaching staff that wont put up with shenanigans..........yes, yes I would love to have Smoot back.

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Hmm, ok, and the Vikings are trading him because?

I dunno why everyone says we have no depth at CB.. It's the post-season, so of course there will be injuries. Springs and Rogers are legit CB's and I have a feeling that next year Ade will be fighting for that nickelback slot. Walt would make a respectable dimeback, seeing as though he hasn't done horrible in every game he's played, he's been spotty to say the least.

Do you all really expect us to have 4 probowl cornerbacks? Hell, Williams has even tinkered with a few 3 to 4 Safety formations where Taylor, Clark, Prileou (sp?), and Bowen were on the field at once... Man that was confusing. But it just shows that we actually have some viable depth in our secondary. We have depth in our front seven as well...

We just need one good pass rushing end I think. That would bring EVERYTHING together.

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