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We need TJ/Thrash and Samuels to come up huge


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This is the playoffs, teams are going to stop what you do best, which means we will have to rely on some guys who havnt done anything all year to step it up. TJ is capable of making plays we need him to make them.

Samuels has to do a better job than he has in the past against Rice. That could kill us.

Oh god im nervous.

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I totally agree on Thrash and Samuels...

to me if TJ hasnt done anything by now, hes not going to do it, But Thrash does have the ability to slip behind peoples radar like last week on his one deep catch.

Samuels is the bigger question mark, over the course of his career no other player has given samuels more trouble then Rice. I just hope our running game negates Rice's upfield persistance.

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