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Sean Taylor is going to Ja Ja Jack up Joey Galloway

herb mul-key

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1st quarter...you watch....Sean Taylor gives some punishement and creates some alligator arms in the bucs recievers early!!!!!

That is what we need him to do....c'mon ST put your hat on someone early bigtime!!!!

We need to intimidate and be super physical with TB WR's! Let our LB's punish MA, MP and CW.

We must punish and out physical the Bucs...let's own them skins!!

On offense we need to shove it down their throat and hit Cooley, Royal and Sellars then go downtown to Moss!!!!

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i want him to stuff the running back.....blanket the recievers and just "put the lid on the defense" like he says he's suppose to do.........i have no worries about him and just hope we win the game and move on to play NYG! ST will not dissapoint us :notworthy

whoa...taylor21thebeast....just saw ur sig.....very nice!!!! :applause:

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