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I received several large MPEG files from an air show and a dog and pony I participated in and I'm looking for a program that can edit it.

For example copy the file from the 10 minute mark to the 35 minute mark.

Also is there a downloadable program that can reduce the size going from mpeg to real media?

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Ulead Video Editor ... this is a link for the 30 day trial version. It will edit MPEG. I don't know if you are aware ... mpeg is not easy to edit, it wasn't made to be edited if that makes sense.

If you have KaZaalite you can find it "cheaper" ....

Keep copies of your original mpeg till you are sure you edit worked. Sorry I know little about RM files ... though I see more sites actually using it as a medium ...

Hope it helps ...


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I use VirtualDub for avi/mpeg editing. Very easy to use and free.

Go to www.vcdhelp.com for FAQ's, Tools, and all things related to video editing (there are links to VirtualDub and many other programs).

Neither the tools or website I mention will help you with real media, but other than that, they will help you do what you want to do and probably much more. You can probably visit the company website for information about real media.

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