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Will the Weather Play a Role?


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It is supposed to be BITTER cold in Tampa tomorrow. They are issuing Weather Warrnings for West Central Florida.

Let's not forget how the Bucs faired against the Pats and the Jets...both games were played in cold weather.


"subfreezing temperatures expected across the nature coast late tonight into saturday morning... ...more freezing temperatures expected across a large portion of west central and southwest florida saturday night and sunday morning with areas of frost...

.brisk northwest winds will continue to usher in a cold arctic air mass into the region tonight (Friday) ...with freezing and sub freezing temperatures likely over the nature coast...with pockets of freezing temperatures possible over rural sections of west central florida by saturday morning. during saturday night cold high pressure will build in over west central florida. clear skies and calm winds associated with the high will promote ideal radiational cooling with more freezing and sub freezing temperatures likely across a larger portion of west central and southwest florida by early sunday morning."



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the game starts at 4:30 in the afternoon, the temps dont dip really that low in florida until the early morning.

The warning says the freeze will begin tonight into early Saturday morning. It also mentions the freeze continuing into Sunday morning?

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high of 58 degrees and 0% chance of precip, so i have NO idea what youre talking about


Click the link...there are Freeze Warnings for Central and Southern Florida. Apparently, orlskinsfan and HailSkins81 (both from Florida) have said the Freeze will be late at night and in the early morning....so it won't have any effect by gametime.

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I think gametime will be lower 50's. It is cool for Florida, but probably not cool enough to make an advantage. It will be cold at night, early morning.

I was hoping for a cold spell like we had in December of 89, but it looks like a no-go.

I don't know, last time I was in Florida, the temperature was in the low 60s. While that's seems like a great temperature to us, all the Floridians were wearing winter coats hats and gloves (not kidding). The temperature might not effect the players, but those in the stands might be quieter than normal. I imagine quite a few of our Skins fans will be shirtless :silly:

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