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January 6 News Stories

Thinking Skins

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Redskins hope to bury past losses to Bucs

Bucs, Redskins, to Play Repeat of Epic

Redskins aren't sweating Nov. loss to Bucs


Redskins-Buccaneers scouting report

NFL playoff grid

For Bucs' No. 1 Defense, Portis Is the First Priority

A shot of youth helps to invigorate Buccaneers' roster

Simms Like Old Times: Bucs' QB Has Matured Fast

Tackling the job

Streaking Skins Should Ride Stout Defense to Victory

NFC Wild Card

Rogers: Ex-mate now ready to run

Redskins Report

Redskins' Journey Is Via Vintage Coach

By Hitting the Ground, the Redskins Hit the Heights

Ears burning, Redskins listen

Gregg Williams has found home with Redskins

Clinton Portis had five 100 yard rushing games this season. (AP)

Williams brings fire to Redskins' 'D'

Springs' status is not certain

Redskins mania kicks off high-definition TV sales

NFL: BUCCANEERS: Rethinking the Rematch

$nyder ups coach ante

Gibbs returns to postseason; Brady seeks 10th straight playoff win

Redskins: Washington counts on aged tackle

Brunell battles back with big season

The Jester's Quart: Good Riddance To Bad Coaches

Portis, Gibbs putting trust in run

Sacks? Interceptions? Bucs' Barber beats you both ways

Terry Bannon's picks

KFFL Weekly Injury Roundup - Thursday, January 5

Running on faith

Rotisserie By The Numbers: Playoff Fantasy Tips

RB Johnson wins second straight NFL Player of Month honor

Capsules for wild-card games

Sizing up Super Bowl XL

Bucs, 'Skins Show Some Similarities

An eclectic mix in this season's NFL playoffs

'Skins not bitter over Bucs' 2-point run

Shakeup brings team into a new golden age

Experience will push Steelers past Bengals

Super Bowl possibilities in air

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I just read Boswell's article!!! I am completely pumped now!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I finish writting this I am going to run to the gym, do 20 sets of benchpresses, followed by 20 sets of shoulder shrugs, followed by Rocky-esque run/sprint down the Mall, up the stairs of Congress, turning around out the top with fists pumping in the air screaming "TAMPA!!!!!". My insane workout will hopefully inspire a large following of Hill staffers, street vendors, homeless people, traffic cops, school kids, etc to follow me up the stairs at which point we will all engage in a multi-cultural feel-good embrace as we are overcome by emotion and break out in song "Hail to the Redskins...." I AM SO FREAKIN' AMP'd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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