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Some Guy is giving away Tix's at the Stadium tomorrow??


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Hey guys, sorry if this was posted, I did 4 searches and saw nothing!

is this guy Kenneth Bell really giving away 150 free tickest at the Stadium tomorrow for die hard Skins fans only? this can't be true!

The only problem is few of the Redskins fans will find any available tickets. Unless you happen to run into Kenneth Andrew Bell, who describes himself as a lifelong Redskins fan who now lives in Tampa. Mr. Bell apparently scored 150 tickets to tomorrow's game and plans to give them -- that's right -- give them away to diehard Washington supporters.


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Yes, I expect there will be at least one person at the stadium giving away tickets tomorrow.

I have some extras, and hope to be at the Extremeskins tailgate in whateveritis park, around noonish.

It isn't 150 tickets, though. And what I'll likely be doing is giving them to people who have lesser tickets and want to upgrade.

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