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They going to talk to Doug Williams


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Oo, thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to see him. I'm TiVo-ing the 1 am replay of SportsNite...so I guess I'll find out what he said tomorrow.

This doesn't necessarily fit here, but...right now son SportsNite I'm listening to Kelli Johnson's interview with CP yesterday. He's talking about how going through everything he's gone through (going 6-10 last year, etc.) has made him more appreciative. He doesn't even know where his rookie-of-the-year award is. He knows he has a window of opportunity now and there's a lot he wants to do (win a Super Bowl). Kelli summarized another portion of the interview by saying that he knows that people are counting on him as a leader and he's opened up with his teammates in the locker room a lot more this year. That fits with the clip of the Skins I saw on HBO's Inside the NFL showing Portis firing up the team before they went onto the field last week.

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Shroader was hurt... and its all history now. I'm not taking anything away from Doug, great job and all... but im sure hes rooting for the Bucs cos it was his first NFL love.

Balls to him!

It was our team that gave HIM the ring, not the other way around!

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