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The Redskin Prayer (revised)


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Fellow skins fans.....

I posted this yesterday, meaning no harm or blasphemy (as someome put it) or insult to anyone or any religeon.

Just a light hearted slightly inspirational, slightly funny prayer in these very uptight and stressful times. That being said, I have revised it, and made it worthy of posting again. If you didn't care for it last time, I'm sorry.....don't waste your time.

If you did, you may find it a little more "inspirational."

The Redskin Prayer (Revised)

Oh Lord Gibbs,

You are so BIG,



For when thou was not amongst us,

Thy frolicked in the bowels of thy own squalor.

But when thou hath returned, thy was happy again.

For thou hath rescued us from the depths of pitifulness,

And once more, hath raised us to the glory and praise on high.

Though I walk through the valley of our NFC rivals,

I fear no defeat, for thou shall crush thy opponents at thou's will.

Let us rejoice unto thou.

And thoust thy they thee.

For thou hath redeemed us to post season greatness once more,

And silenced our foes, to tremble in their cleats, before thee.

And the critics from silly sports talk shows,

Shall crawl back under the rocks, from which they dwelleth.

For ours is the kingdom, and the glory, and the Super Bowl, forever.



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