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Sean Taylor trial on Jan 17th.

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Redskins | Police and courts: S. Taylor

Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:20:42 -0800

The Washington Post reports Washington Redskins S Sean Taylor's assault trial is still set for Jan. 17, with a procedural motion related to witnesses scheduled for Dec. 22, sources said. The possibility for a further continuance in the case still exits.

Thats 5 days before the NFC Championship. Anyone else a little worried about the timing?

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Guest ComebackKing
The Judge will delay the start of the trial if and when we advance to the NFC Championship game.

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Best Judge ever.
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The last I heard it is all hearsay and the cops couldn't find a gun that fit the description that one of the "thugs" gave them. It's a he said, she said mess that shouldn't amount to nothing but a headache and money in the lawyer's pocket.

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