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Joe Gibbs, Redskins

Following a semi-disastrous first season after re-entering the league, Gibbs has come back with a vengeance this season -- perhaps aware that his own self-pride might prevent him from returning if he didn't succeed this time around. With the Redskins making the playoffs, whipping their fan base into a frenzy that has been unrealized the past six years, Gibbs fixed three critical shortcomings from last season: Modernizing an offense that reeked of 1987; taking advantage of a successful defense and superb coordinator Gregg Williams while they last; and repairing special-teams units that were horribly inconsistent. Though there are some deficiencies on this team, Gibbs and his staff should be celebrated for the work they did to adapt to the times and the personnel they had.

• Grade: A-minus

Modernizing an offense that reeked of 1987

only problem, it is even more conservative than '87, it's more like the '82 offense :laugh:

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Didn't the 82'-83' team set the scoring record for like 20 years? ;)

The 1983 Redskins are still the second highest scoring team since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule. Not even the Greatest Show on Turf in their heyday outscored the '83 Skins. The only team that did was the 15-1 '98 Vikings (who lost to the Falcons in the NFCCG).

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