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How close this season has been


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The Redskins could be the # 2 Seed just as easy they could have not made the playoffs.

Lets go back to week 2 @ Dallas with 4:48 left in the game. After Brunell being sacked Redskins face a 3rd and 27. Marc takes off running and picks up 25 yards and manageable 4th a 2 which the Redskins convert. This drives leads to the 1st Brunell to Moss TD pass and the comeback was on. Lets say Brunell does not run with the ball throws another incomplete pass the Redskins more than likely punt on 4th and 27. No come back, Redskin lose 13-0 and we continue to be owned by Dallas.

Week 4 vs. Seattle. With 1:00 left in regulation in a tied game Marc Brunell throws and INT to Kelly Herndon. Josh Brown attempts a 47 Yard Game winning FG that misses, Redskins win the OT coin toss and drive down field and score 39 yard game winning FG by Nick Novak. Lets say Josh Brown makes the game winning FG Redskins fall to 1-2 and go on the road to Denver and Kansas City and for the second year in a row are 1-4 after winning the season opener and the critics are really saying that the game has passed Joe Gibbs up.

Now on the flip side

Week 10 @ Tampa Bay: With 2:44 left in the game Redskins are facing a 3rd and 2 with a 35-28 lead and Tampa with no time outs. Redskins pick up one yard and forced to punt and we know what happens after that. If they pick up 2 yards Skins go into victory formation.

Week 12 vs. San Diego: With 1:12 left in the regulation Drew Brees throws an INT to Shawn Springs. Redskins are trying to set up the game winning FG but a holding penalty sets the back and John Hall misses a possible game winning FG. Chargers win the OT Coin Toss and score a game winning TD in 2 plays. If there is no holding call John Hall as a more make able FG and the Redskins win and they are 7-4. Followed by a 6 game winning streak to end the season finish at 12-4 NFC East Champions and have the #2 Seed.

Football is a game of inches and it is funny that the Redskins could be 8-8, or worse and once again missing the playoff


Could be 12-4 NFC East Champions and the #2 Seed.

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