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What was the most Memorable Redskin Play of 2005


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What was the most memorable Redskin Play of 2005.

Marc Brunell’s Game Winning 70 yard TD Pass to Santana Moss @ Dallas


Marc Brunell’s 18 yard run on 3rd and 9 in OT vs. Seattle


Ryan Clark’s INT of McNabb on the Redskin 9 vs. Philadelphia to seal a victory


Clinton Portis’s 47 yard TD Run @ St. Louis


Antonio Brown’s 91 yard kick off return @ Arizona


Marcus Washington 2nd Quarter 41 yard INT return vs. Dallas


Marc Brunell’s 30 TD Pass to Chris Cooley vs. Dallas to put the Redskins up 28-0


Patrick Ramsey’s 72 yard TD pass to Santana Moss vs. New York Giants


Clinton Portis’s 22 yard TD run to put the Redskins up and avenge his mother’s beer dumping @ Philadelphia


Sean Taylor’s 39 yard fumble recovery @ Philadelphia to put the Redskins in the playoffs


That was probably the most work I put into 1 post! :whew:

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GrrrEAT pics. Obvious answer to the question: Gamewinner in Dallas. The first TD pass would have been called a fluke without that sah-WEET final bomb to Santana Moss. It launched our season. It gave this franchise a direction and set the stage for our NFC East improvement. (BTW- the looks on the faces of the Cowboy faithful and Keyshawn Johnson was totally worth the preceding 58 minutes. Even if NOT worth the previous 10 years.) :)

Thank you Mark Brunell and Santana Moss. You guys made the Portis trade finally grow into FULL approval by giving defenses 2 other players to sweat.

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Yep, gamewinner in Dallas. The first deep ball was great but you could have been forgiven for thinking it's a one off plus it could have just been a consulation score. To go back and pull off the same kind of play again was amazing and I have watched it so many times since and still don't get sick of it..................I never will.

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I put my vote for ST fumble recovery for the TD. I could have easily voted for santanas TD @ dallas. But that TD by Sean, Man I cant think of any better way to end the season and secure a playoff spot. Nice post. I'll remember all these plays. Its been a season I'll never forget!

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I am torn between the greatness of the Moss bomb and the playoff-clinching Portis run. But to me, context is king, so I picked the Portis 22-yarder. Because although the bomb to Moss was huge and memorable and a steppingstone toward this great season, the Portis run was when I was finally able to exhale, finally knew we were going to the playoffs for only the 2d time since 1993(?).

There was so much riding on that play. But every play you mention was huge and memorable, of course. And I got to high-five Clark on national TV after the Philly INT, so on a personal level that will always be remembered.

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that moss 70 yd td catch has got to be the best play i can remember since

the d.green punt return against chicago in 87 and the riggins 4th and 1 run against the dolphins. Those were HUGE plays... possibly deserving of a poll for most memorable redskin play of all time.

:helmet: :logo: :helmet:

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