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Lions interviewin: Jauron, Carthon, & Singletary


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are scheduled to meet with Matt Millen for the vacant head coaching position. First, I thought they fired Jauron and 2nd neither of these coaches is a good candidate.

I really feel sorry for the Detroit Lions fans. :laugh:

ALLEN PARK -- Since the firing of head coach Steve Mariucci on Nov. 28, Detroit Lions president Matt Millen has kept a low profile. And there's a good reason for that: He wasn't around.

During an interview on Tuesday, Millen revealed that he spent much of his time out of town, interviewing and talking to league sources to gather as much information as possible. Millen is beginning his search for a new head coach and he wanted to do as much research as possible before making his decision.

"This is one of the areas where Matt's extensive network of contacts throughout the league creates enormous value for our organization," said Lions chief operating officer Tom Lewand. (now this is a funny statement considering he probably has a lack of good resources).

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