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Funny Story About My Wisdom Teeth


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I, like many other Redskins fans, bought my playoff tickets on Monday. Later that day, I had to have my wisdom teeth removed, I was so pumped it was all I could talk about. It turns out that I had to be asleep for the operation and when they tried to make sure I was completly conscious they asked "How many fingers am I holding up?" I responded with an emphatic "I can't count" they repeated the question several times to the same anwer.

My mom, being the quick thinker that she is, told them to ask me what time the Steelers play the Redskins on Saturday, I finally gave them a right answer, "The Steelers don't play until Sunday and the Redskins play the Buccaneers on Saturday at 4:30."

Now I don't remember any of this but I believe every word of it.

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