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Portis' mom named Toughest Mom of the Year! lol


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I found this clip from Rich Eisens yearly awards article...

Toughest Mom of the Year -- Clinton Portis' mother. While Donovan McNabb's mother can apply serious peer pressure to eat right, she doesn't use brute force. Then again, maybe that's the reason why Terrell Owens has been wearing sunglasses at night. But, in case you hadn't heard, Portis' mom, named Rhonnel Hearn, took care of business at the Redskins' season finale in Philadelphia. If you watched the broadcast, you probably noticed a shot of Portis' mom, all bedecked in Redskins garb, standing on the sideline. Joe Buck intimated she had been brought there for her own safety after getting hit by something in the stands. Well, on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that, before being whisked to the field by security, Portis' mom hit back ... with her fist. Apparently, Rhonnel was sitting in the end zone when Eagles fans pelted her with a frosty one. Not taking too kindly to the beer shower in the freezing cold, Rhonnel reportedly found the female fan who chucked the brewski and punched her in the face! How did the Post know? The son confirmed it thusly: "She busted some lady in the nose, but that'll just teach you about messing with my mom." I think Chunky Soup has a new spokeswoman, complete with a built-in catchphrase -- Eat right ... or else. Either way, you'll be eating your meal through a straw!


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Hahahh she's the ****, I hate Eagles fans...

they are stupid too, what a waste of beer

I agree, beer shouldn't be wasted like that.... but Go Momma Portis. She should advertise self defense classes for the traveling skins fan. that beats the hell out of chunky soup, literally!


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Hasn't Clinton been doing commercials for Hungry Man. Get her in one of them.

Go on and eat your Hungry Man T.V. dinner before it gets cold. You better stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about.

Good for her, not taking any crap from those fans.

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