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Are there any plans to work with Antonio Brown as a reciever?


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Can he catch?

Well, As long as he could catch 1 or 2 to start the game, thats all it would take. They have to respect his speed, thus, taking some coverage off of santana. Really Does anyone know if he can catch well? The only time I've seen him in as reciever was in pre-season, which he didnt do well in. But I feel like he deserves another shot. At the very least though, with that speed, Defenses will certainly have to keep close tabbs on him.

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The guy has hands of stone, he can't catch anything. Maybe have him in there to run an occassional reverse or as a decoy, but I worry enough having him return punts

He's not that bad. One game does not determine a guys career. He excelled the entire preseason with the exception of the Ravens game, which he stunk up. I was at the game, and there is one thing I must say in his defense. About half of those passes where behind him and high. Not an easy catch to make. (try it some time) I also noticed he seemed to have difficulty getting his hands up due to his shoulder pads being a little large, presumably to help take the beating of returns. He still should have caught about half of those passes though at a minimum. I also noticed he is wearing smaller shoulder pads now than he was back then as well. I think he deserves a shot. He lit it up in preseason practices, he could be a good once in a while option for us. Actually, even a once in a while option is better than what we have had behind Moss all year.

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