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First playoff appearance since 1999. I'm GOING -- Tampa Blog :).


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Starting this week a little early cause I wanna.

6:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 1 -- Minutes after the Skins beat Philly, I pour two fingers of 25-year-old Scotch, then run upstairs to mail the team that we're going to Tampa. The dream season just gets better and better. Must convince team that year's accomplishments directly because of relationship with ExtremeSkins and the fans. We rule.

7 a.m. Monday, Jan. 2 -- Send note to ES staff that this is the first playoff game since 1999. The honor of attending in the special way we get to attend should go to Blade and Die Hard. Die Hard the founder. Blade the first co-owner. Secretly hoping one of them says they can't go so I can, because there's no way Tarhog's going ahead of me unless the old Marine can whip me in arm wrestling. Not a chance little man. NOT A CHANCE.

8 a.m., Monday, Jan. 2 -- Send note to team that we need appropriate credentials because ES is in the house. Notify Larry I may not go, but I might and will let him know. We make arrangements for "Bennigans" just in case. Fond memories of Tampa despite a 1-point stolen loss.

9 a.m., Monday, Jan. 2 -- Settled. I'm in. Blade has patients or some such nonsense. Surprisingly my wife pretends to be happy for me when I shout I'm going to Tampa. Send message off to team regarding travel arrangements and reservations. First big idea hasn't hit me yet. Larry thrilled that "Bennigans" is on the table -- so to speak.

8 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 3 -- Arrive at work, announcing to co-workers my attendance in Tampa. Collect three weeks of winnings from guys I have a standing bet with, making sure they are fully aware how much they owe me and why. Sam Huff is next. See you in Tampa :).

10 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 3 -- See first exciting thread about fans joining to see team home. I add idea of seeing them off and commit two people to do work for this as if I'm their boss. I'm not, so, thanks Pez and Huly. Contact team and beg that when a few dozen fans show up, not to kick them out. :).

4 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 3 -- First big idea hits me. I figure why fly me from Minneapolis to Tampa when you can fly me from Minneapolis to D.C. Then, I could simply wander over to Redskins Park and hitch a bus ride to Dulles with the team. Then, well, fly down WITH the team, take the bus to the hotel, then after the game, bus back, and plane back. Team everything. Reaching beyond my grasp I was. :). Forward this brilliant idea. Talk about a Fan View there :). Die Hard from Buffalo and me from Minneapolis, cruising on the team jet. That's dreaming big :).

6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 3 -- First contact from member wishing me well in Tampa, citing how cool it is, and offering up services to carry anything I'd want to tag along. I know how you feel, G :).

8 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 4 -- Informed the direct flights to Tampa are going to occur. Damn. Can't blame a guy for trying, can you?

11:30 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 4 -- First actual disappointment of the week. We're not staying at the team hotel for the first time. We got bumped to the Wyndham. Apparently the tag-a-longs have grown or something :). Now I have to drive drunk from "Bennigans" to the team hotel to drop off the crew to my hotel. That's a whole new level of danger. But I'm a risk taker. And, of course, you can only drink water at "Bennigans" so it'll be fine.

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