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Hit Man Fund?


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You know, remember recent history with skins players being fined for head-to-head hits....missing games from suspension for hits....

but after looking at the hits, they were just playing aggressive football.

I hope that hard hitting football isn't going to be shirt-tailed by the league and the skins start getting unfair fines, suspensions and an Raiders Rap....this might make our guys think twice.

I don't want them to think twice...I want them to kill someone!!:asta: Not literally, but play with abandonement like they are paid too.

If it gets bad, we could send the league a message by everyone pitching in a dollar....(latest fine $10,000)....and pay the fine for the hit!!

Not because the players don't have the money...not for a hit that needs a fine....but if the league starts picking on our guys. What a message that would send to the NFL...dont f*** with our guys!!

Only skins fans could pull off something like a 'HIT MAN FUND'.


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My brother is a former Dolphins fan like myself. I followed the SS here and I am a Diehard fan now. My brother has not been the same. He finally watched the game the other night and saw LaVar. He is a fan now. We were talking about how Arrington will probably hurt several people this year if for no other reason than how he follows through with his hits. He seems to take pride in plowing someone. He's my kind of guy.

I'm all for bounties on opposing players. Put McNabb, Q Carter and Tiki Barber on the list. The 49ers coach would be a good one to put on the list too, but that one may be a little obvious that we were going after him.... unless a whiner runningback is heading for Mooch... wouldn't that be great.

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The thing I am afraid of most is that LaVar will be singled out and 'made an example of' and fined or suspended for his hard hitting.

I think players should be fined for dirty play, Not for good, clean, aggressive hits that they've been taught to do all their lives.

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Originally posted by Dirk Diggler


we want carter nice and healthy, trust me. McNabb well, that's a different story. Let's just say I wouldn't be terribly upset by a Arrington career ender ala Acheman. Not that I hope for those kind of hits :rolleyes:

I agree, that was a hard list to make, McNabb and Barber were obvious choices, I think I picked Carter because I wanted Arrington to force a special delivery in Carter's diaper. But, keeping Quincy in the game gives us our best chance to beat them.

Because Quincy has such of a speech impediment, are their audibles called inaudibles?

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Lavar had better be careful because he's already been fined a couple of times in his career.

As for career ending injuries, bite your tongue. Take note that as insanely as Lawrence Tayler played this game, he was clearly alarmed at Joe Theisman's injury when he ended his career. I always respected him for that.

Yes. that's the game and as long as nothing is done to break the rules you can't complain, but don't hope for it.

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