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Mid-season TV


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American Idol (Fox) Jan. 17

Bachelor (ABC) Jan. 9

Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Jan. 6

Beauty and the Geek (The WB) Jan. 12

Biggest Loser (NBC) Jan. 4

Book of Daniel (NBC) Jan. 6

Campus Ladies (Oxygen) Jan. 8

Courting Alex (CBS) Jan. 23

Crumbs (ABC) Jan. 12

Dallas SWAT (A&E) Jan. 5

Dancing With The Stars (ABC) Jan. 5

Distraction (Comedy Central) Jan. 10

Emily’s Reasons Why Not (ABC) Jan. 9

Four Kings (NBC) Jan. 5

Fresh Baked Videogames (Spike) Jan. 15

Get This Party Started (UPN) Jan. 24

Hustle (AMC) Jan. 14

Jake in Progress (ABC) Jan. 9

King of Vegas (Spike) Jan. 17

L Word (Showtime) Jan. 8

Love Monkey (CBS) Jan. 17

Meet the Barkers (MTV) Jan. 3

Monk (USA) Jan. 13

Number-One Singel (E!) Jan. 22

Scrubs (NBC) Jan. 3

Shield (FX) Jan. 10

Skating With Celebrities (Fox) Jan. 18

South Beach (UPN) Jan. 11

Stargate SG1 (SciFi) Jan. 6

There And Back: Ashley Parker Angel (MTV) Jan. 9

24 (Fox) Jan. 15

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