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Hail! To all my fellow Burgandy and Gold bleeding Redskin Fanatics. My name is Mike Rossi and it is a GREAT day (like any day) to be a Redskin Fan. Anyway, I am a family man, father of 8, retired Air Force vet, and I live in Safety Harbor Florida/ I would like to get some Skins fans in my area together to watch us trounce the YUKEEners. If there are any die hard Skins fans in the Tampa, St. Pete or Clearwater area and would like to get together to watch the game at my house, please email me or call me and let me know. I have a 60" TV with surround sound to watch the game on. My ph# is 727 244-5394. We can all hoop and holler our B&G hearts out together. It's always fun to get a bunch of fans together to watch a game, especially a PLAYOFF game. We've had a long dry spell, but Coach Gibbs and Williams are bringing us back to championship form. Also, fantastic news to hear Greg Williams is staying with us. I see a Super Bowl in our future very very soon. Again, if your interested (serious minded only please).

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Good luck findin people, but most Skins fans in the area will be at the game. Nice TV though.

Oh man, i was going to say that was mean. I thought you say "nice try though". He was only being generous.

Anyway, I like the enthusiasm, but i doubt i could get there, since you are 1000 miles or so away. Nice to hear you are supporting the cause.

Great TV.

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