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Dr. skinfan13's lecture on doctored bucs photos!


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look at this picture that some bucs fan keeps posting,


anyone see some things wrong? wow me too!


Dr. Skinfan13's "how to identify a doctored photo class"!!!

lets begin my short but sweet lecture:

1. Alstots head in this picture is 5 feet away from his "arm"

2. umm is alstot's arm sticking out of #43's LEG!?!

3. video proof shows alstots elbow hiting the ground a yard away from the plane of the goal...

4.that hand circled with the ball is WAY too big in proportion to the rest of the picture

5. thats not alstots skin complexion, everyone knows he's the blackest buc!:laugh: jk

6.only Sean Taylor has musscles like that arm in red

7. not to mention the light on the arm is daytime light! look at the arms of the other player in that photo, much grayer looking right? thats becuase of the artificial stadium lights

in conclusion to my lecture, make sure you do a much better job when doctoring your photos, thank you and Gob Bless the Skins!:cheers:

p.s. tell Dr Skinfan13 what you think of his lecture at, www.geocities.com/ashburnband

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I think we all knew it was fake and lame before you mentioned it. But thanks!
i know, im just trying to put some sarcastic humor in this stupid photo, you really think i thought it was serious?:laugh: i just did this becuase i thought it was that bad and funny, this guy was actually trying to convince me it was real
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skinsfan13....you've started 16 threads in two days....

Glad you found the site, and we're glad to have you, but lets try and do more reading and getting used to the site, and a little less thread starting. I think I was here a couple of months before I ever started a thread.

One of the complaints we've heard a lot of since the site exploded is that the board is cluttered with semi-senseless threads. A good thread disappears from the front page before it ever has a chance to get started. This is the kind of thread that takes its place.

More reading, less thread-starting. And enjoy the site! :cheers:

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