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My apologies to my Redskin brethren!!


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Gang, I need to apologize to all of you. I have posted about "next year" and "play the kid" many times. I threw in the towel after that awful awful loss to that awful awful Oakland team!! Now the Skins are in the playoffs. I never ever saw this happening...Gibbs & Williams have done a tremendous job after much doubt. I was totally wrong about Brunell as well. That said I am a realist with these Skins and will not get caught up about the super bowl...Lets beat Tampa and see what happens.


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Tampas no challenge, bring on the so called Big Boys, Seattle and Chicago!!!!

actually i think it is the reverse. the bucs will be our biggest challenge. seattle has not beat anyone and plays in a really "tough" division. and i just do not fear the bears. the g-girls will probably lose to caroline who we would crush.

if we beat the bucs the rest is ours for the taking.

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No need to apologize........

Keep the faith and NEVER NEVER lose faith in Lord Gibbs.

No matter how a game turns out.

Seattle and Chicago big guns?????

We've already beat them!

And we'll beat them again if need be.

But Tampa.......

Tampa's got to go down.

Down hard!

We need to make an example out of them!


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