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Local sports coverage for the Skins this year


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I'd like to hear your take on this.

My feeling is that local sports coverage on the Skins has for the most been horrendous this year.

Wilbon has been good, as has John Riggins.

But the rest? From mediocre to downright painful. Who is this guy Mike "Wise" that the Post hired? He has to be the worst sports "columnist" I've seen in the Post over the past 25 years. He's clueless about the history of Washington sports, much less the Skins. The there's Ms. Jenkins, who is up and down like, well, let's say "the wind."

Kornheiser is writing comedy doo-dads.

There's no leadership in the writing. What were these folks all saying about Gibbs this year? That maybe, possibly, perhaps the game has passed him by?

The Washington Times is laughably bad in their coverage. I feel like their Lavar story was unscrupulous, coming as it did before the end of the season, when Lavar expected it to be published, and taking many of his comments out of context.

SportsTalk 980 radio should be renamed AdTalk 980. Nuff said there. At best, we've had to suffer through listening to Lavar, now a nonentity on the team, talk in the afternoons about a team he's clearly not contributing much to.

Perhaps the media is just stretched too thin these days, with the few really talented folks cashing in where they can.

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