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Worst 3-0 Team in History...


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Game 1 - beat the Bears. Granted they had Orton (in his first game) but we still WON. AND we basically gave them 7 pts. Turned out that it was one division winner (#2 seed) barely losing on the road to the #6 seed. In hindsight...quality win.

Record 1-0

Game 2 - beat Dallas....granted we were down 13 in the 4th (late) but held the Cowboys to only 1 fleaflickered TD pass and two FG's the whole game (in their stadium). Our offense was pitiful for 55 mins...but our D was strong throughout. I will take allowing 13 pts on road to divisional rival any day. We got fortunate the Brunell decided to throw deep FINALLY for the first time all year to Moss. A win is a win. We will take it. It was a win over a team viewed as quality.

Record 2-0

Game 3 - beat Seattle....IMHO we had our way and one could say we dominated that game for 3 qtrs. We had a 1st qtr FG blocked then had them miss one in the 4th qtr. Regardless....our D held their "potent" offense and MVP RB in check for the game. (keeping them under 20 pts is a victory in itself).

and that put us at 3-0.

Common theme....our D stepped up. We allowed 7, 13 and 17 points in those 3 games. Defense wins Championships. Not saying to enscribe the Lombardi trophy just yet but it helps to STOP your opponent from reaching the endzone. That is a total of 39 points allowed to the #1, #2 seeds and a 9-7 team that at the time the media had a lovefest for. And of the 37 points....ONE td was a gift courtesy of Antonio Brown and ONE was courtesy of a fleaflicker (tricks are for kids).

In retrospect, I think that those 3 wins were huge. Our D kept us in all 3 games until the offense caught up (GAME 5 vs. KC even though we lost).

Beating Chicago, Dallas and Seattle in successive weaks is ONE HECK of an accomplishment. We won 3 close games vs. quality opponents where the defense was our backbone.

Down the stretch of this year our D showed up in the last 5....and SO did our offense.

Defensively we allowed:

Rams 9 pts (2 via safety) so we will say 7.

Cards 13.

Dallas 7

NYG 20 (a so-called potent offense).

Philly 20 (suprised they put up that much honestly).

That is 67 points allowed (not including the safety) in our Final 5 games.

That is an average of 13 pts given up per game from our D.

And how many in the "lucky" 3 game winning streak by the worst 3-0 team in history? We allowed 12.

Our D has been there all year...it just took a little while for the O to catch up.

That 3-0 win streak was no fluke it was our D wearing the pants....not pretty but it got the job done. If we had won 3 in a row by the scores of 38-36, 31-30 and an OT game by the score of 44-41 the media and everyone would have loved it and the Redskins. Not sure if everyone said we were frauds because we werent winning pretty/putting up big offensive stats....or they just hate the Redskins...maybe defense doesnt get the glory...they were the big reason we got off to our fast start.

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