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I posted this on another Redskins board and wanted to get input from the good folks at ExtremeSkins.

I know, I know, we are in the Play-offs and that should be our only concern. I agree brothers and sisters but, I also feel that we need to ensure that our future is as bright as our present. With that, here is the direction I would like to see our beloved Redskins head in...

I think the 'Skins need to move quickly (following end of play this year) to make the following changes/announcements:

- Hire Mike Martz as OC

- Announce that effective 2007, Gregg Williams will assume the duties of Head Coach - Washington Redskins

- Announce that effective 2007, Joe Gibbs will assume the full time duties of President - Washington Redskins

To properly lay the ground work for the post Gibbs era Redskins, it is crucial that we retain GW by whatever means possible. The only way I see this happening is if there is a formal announcement following the end of this season stating that this was the internal plan from the beginning. This will call off all suitors with the impression that GW is now a Redskin through and through...as it should be!

Coupled with the announcement that GW will assume the reins and begin his apprenticeship in earnest under Gibbs, we need to secure the brilliant Offensive mind of Mike Martz.

With Martz running the Offense (and also learning under Gibbs) and GW running the Defense (with dotted line HC responsibilities - turning solid line when Gibbs goes upstairs) our coaching concerns will be non-existent.

We could potentially have two of the best, most aggressive minds running the show on either side of the ball for a long, long time to come.

This is the vision I would like to see us embrace, thoughts?

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