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My superbowl prediction...What the Hell!!!!


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Giants defeat Carolina...31-14

Redskins defeat T.B...24-3


Giants lose @ Chicago 20-13

Redskins upset Seattle 34-23

Redskins @ Chicago in NFC Championship Game

Redskins win 21-0

Redskins go to Superbowl XL....


Jaguars @ Patriots

Patriots win 37-14

Steelers @ Bengals

Steelers win 27-20 OT


Steelers @ Colts

Steelers win 30-19

Patriots @ Denver

Patriots win 20-17 OT

Steelers @ Patriots

Patriots win 30-10


Redskins VS Patriots in Superbowl XL

I've been dreaming about this game long before we ever made the playoffs.....When the patriots cheated their first superbowl victory I was like OK............!.....?

I don't like throwing the word hate around very much...But they are number 4 on my most hated team in the NFL....Followed right after the Cowboys,Eagles and Broncos...

The reason I chose the Patriots over the Broncos is cause we already kicked their ASS in Superbowl 22....

They been Declaring Belichick God and Tom Brady Jesus since their first superbowl win.....and now their a Dynasty...Even though all their SUPERBOWL Victories have been by a FG....

I want this redskins team to not only screw up their 3-peat...but to end any question on which coach is the best......Prove to all the mediots the redskins will never die...!!!And last but not least.....how to win a Superbowl by more than 3 points :laugh:

Redskins win Superbowl XL over the Patriots in the Biggest superbowl ever..............Biggest upset in superbowl history (6th seed and all the media and stuff)

And first shutout ever in superbowl History

Redskins defeat Patriots 40-0 same as the superbowl #....

That would be the perfect season....

For me anyways...!!!

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I cant see NE or Denver or anyone going into INdy and beating the Colts.

However thats the only team I think we should have problems beating also.

We can beat bucs, seahawks, and bears, but to beat Colts in SB would take a perfect Game plan and execution.

Heres to the SKINS beating the COLTS in an upset SB 27-24 :cheers:

LETS JUST GET THE BUCS for starters!!!!!!!!!!!

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