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Thanks guys for a memorable game


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I wanna first thank the Redskins for trying thier asses off in december and making the playoffs. I also want to thank coach gibbs and the rest of the coaches to brought us back where we belong. I know I had a lot of doubt midway through the season, but this team really proved my dumb ass wrong. Most importantly though, i wanna thank all you fans who came up to philly and made sunday's game a game to remember. I will never forget all of us crowding around the Redskins exit towards the end of the game singing "Hail to the Redskins" I will never forget the way we all cheered the players and coaches as they exited the feild. It was also great just being able to find any Redskins fan at the end of the game and high fiving and congratulating them. YOu guys all felt like family for those ending moments of celebration after the game. I know some of the eagles fans were rough, but we all stuck together. Thanks guys, u all are the best.

(for any of you i may have talked to at the game, I was sitting in section 114, row 29. I was a short white dude wearing a Cooley jersey and a 2004 draft day cap. I was walking around with an eagle fan)

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