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do you think the bears defense is really that good?


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just something i noticed in the bears packers game about the bears defense. while they are very quick to get to the ball, did yall see the packers drag them around like a bunch of kids?

i know there is a lot of talk on the tv shows about them being really good but i just dont think they can stand up to a big team.

if it takes 6 guys to bring down a good size running back i personally think they are screwed in the playoffs!!:dallasuck

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I'm not convinced.

They're aggressive, sure, but in this league, who isn't?

I understand last week's game meant very little in the grand scheme of things, but when Brad Johnson and the Vikings can put as many points on you as they did, you have to call the defensive prowess into question.

And I also find it ironic that despite all my nonbeliever friends saying we'll go nowhere in the playoffs, we have wins over every division champ in the NFC.


And if Patrick Ramsey can steer the Skins offense to beat this alleged beast of a Bears defense, I'm sure my boy Brunell can pick them apart, should it come down to it.

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ok they do play in a soft division but there D is for real. Their CB's are underrated and their D line is SICK. Their DE's are pound for pound the best bookend set in the league. Their Safeties are very solid and Lance Briggs may be the best LB that nobody knows about. I may not like the Bears but I sure has hell respect them. They can play some D.

Lets worry about the Bucs first.

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When we played Chicago we moved the ball at will on them. I think we had 150 rushing and passing and we controlled the LOS, Ramsey's sack the only clear memory I have of the Bears getting in the backfield. With that said we are a much better team then week 1 while the Bears have yet to improve on the offensive side of the ball, so all in all if we were to play them again I don't think are guys would be intimidated one bit by their D.

:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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