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I am new to this site and have read about as many threads as I possibly can in the time I have been here. There are a multitude of opinions on many different subjects regarding the team, its fans, the media, the rest of the NFL, etc etc etc.

The one thing that strikes me as odd is the negativity of some people. Its all right to have opinions and all that, but why knock someone who is trying to say something good about our boys and this organization, just because you don't exactly agree with every little friggin detail of their opinion? Reply, but nix the rudeness. Nobody appreciates it.

I know its been a long time since the skins have done anything of importance in this league (six years to be exact), but good lord people, ENJOY IT!!!! Forget the doubt and the negative karma and the "this is the same old redskins(before the game is even half over)" bulls**t!

Who cares if we sucked for the past 6 years? Who cares if we sucked for the past 12? We don't suck THIS year, and thats what matters! December was great for skins fans. Christmas was emotional for skins fans. And the new year was friggin overwhelming.....for skins fans.

So, if we don't beat Tampa(God forbid), don't bash our boys. Keep the love strong, because they played their hearts out this year, and thats what they deserve. Don't bash other skins fans for supporting our boys in any fashion they see fit. Bottom line: we ALL love our team. And we ALL have the right to show it.

I know this doesn't apply to everyone, because I have read some awesome and heartfelt responses. And to you truly brotherly skins fans, I commend you. Let's stick together people. We are the 12th man.


A Respectful Skins Fan (to all but Dallas, NY, and Philthy fans....;) )

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I agree. At this point I will be disappointed if they lose to the Bucs but only a little. I mean we are in the playoffs, swept BOTH Dallas (got that monkey off our back) and Philly. This team is one or two players away from being what they were in the 80's. Thank you Joe and.../


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i am getting destroyed these last couple of days! :D deservedly so, but i have not been negative the whole season, only early on in what was one of the biggest games in my young life

i've enjoyed this season more than any other because of the way we've been playing, portis and moss breaking records, portis dressing up for thursday PC's, and the new and improved extremeskins and redskins.com tv, bringing new insight to the team with the interviews, pics, videos, etc

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I agree. It's very easy to be negative or complain when you are used to losing, and I'm sure that is why it happens a lot on ES. I literally have to remind myself EVERYDAY to enjoy what is going on instead of breaking everything down and figuring out why we lost to the Raiders at home or why Walt Harris is in the NFL. I'm sure I tend to think like that because of how much time and money and love I have invested in the team and how everyone that isn't a Skins fan at work or my friends or at the bars would love to give me crap. So for some strange reason, I probably subconciously think that by analyzing the team and bringing up the negatives (which I RARELY do here), that I can help change the fortune of the team in some kind of weird superstitious way. I dunno...but I do know that this year our boys have fought like CRAZY and have built a team chemistry way beyond what we have had in over 10 years. I'm past having to defend my love for the Skins with coworkers and such this year. If the unmentionable happens, I'll still be very happy.

Here's to no worries, no negativity and an already successful season!


:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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