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I think I actually hate the Eagles more than the Cowboys now

Bad Man Burgendy & Gold

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After that incident with Eagles fans throwing beer at Portis mom, it is clear to me that 95% of their fan base is the type you'll see on Cops explaining to an officer about why they were pissing on their ex-girlfriends lawn. They got more inbread fans than any other in the league, and at least for me are my most hated team. I actually respect Reid and respect McNabb a lot, but these lowlifes are a good case study as to why certain people shouldn't procreate. Screw the Cowboys, and screw the stadium that looks like its made for god to take a dump, I gotta say though, even though their fans might be bandwagoners, they ain't anywhere near as bad as the Eagle fans. Its only karma, that the Eagles have no superbowl titles, and that the city is so desperate for a winner that they went so far to made a statue for a fictional boxer. Well that is karma right there folks, and ya know what, there is a god. :eaglesuck

Okay rant over, lets knockout dem Bucks!!!

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