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If we win on Saturday?


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I saved my sick days up for emergencys like this. Last year was to watch the Bulls in the playoffs(Wizards were lucky Deng and Curry were out :D ) This year was for the playoffs. Damn saturday games. but its all good imma get paid while watching the redskins game at the same time

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When will be our next game? Saturday or Sunday, I needed know so i can request off for that day tomorrow

dont know if they're correct, but Seattle message board saying Sat.(1/14) if Skins win.

If bucs win (which will not happen) then winner of NY/Car. plays Sea. on Sun.

Seattle routing for us, they think they're going to pay us back.

Some of them think we dont have a chance against bucs LOL

I think we wont have a problem with bucs. SKINS 27-17 my prediction.

Seattle would be a tough game, but we can do it.

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