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Who's the Biggest Suprise in 2005???


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If any of you noticed two day ago, on FOX sports, the question arose of what team is the biggest suprise/turn around for 2005?

Guess who????

Da Bears!

Granted the Bears have sucked since 1997, but if you look at this season, and their schedule, they are worth mentioning, but definately don't outshine our beloved Skins.

Let's see:

They had to play GB, Minn, and Det twice.......Gravy.

The rest of their schedule was just as cushy.

Now look at our schedule......

Seattle, TB, Chicago, not to mention our own division.

I personally think the Skins are the suprise story of 2005.

And the story isn't over.

If....I say if, we advance, and play the Bears again, we would beat them into submission.

We ARE the suprise story of 2005.

Our Hall-Of Fame coach returns after a 10 yr retirement and goes from 6-10 last season to 10-6 this season, and ends the regular season on a 5-game winning streak.


I think NOT!

Give credit where credit is due!

In Gibbs we trust!


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