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Your 2005 Playoff Predictions!


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Here's my predictions:

Wild Card:

Skins over Bucs: We win shootout this time: 37-35

Panthers over Giants: Panthers expose the frauds: 27-10

Steelers over Bengals: Vets over young team: 31-20

Pats over Jags: Defending champs win in the snow: 23-13


Seahawks over Skins: Seahawks avenge their loss: 23-20

Panthers over Bears: Panthers avenge their loss: 13-12

Colts over Steelers: Colts win comfortablely: 31-21

Pats over Broncos: Pats bring back the old Jake: 27-10


NFC: Seahawks over Panthers: 24-20

AFC: Colts over Pats- This time, Peyton really gets over the hump: 27-23

Superbowl 40:

Colts over Seahawks: 37-27

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