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Joey T: Top five NFL moments


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http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/insider/columns/story?columnist=theismann_joe&id=2277903 full article

Super veteran

I don't care what anyone says -- the NFL is the most physically pounding of all of the sports. It takes a constant toll on a player's body at every position, but especially on the offensive line, which is why it's amazing that 43-year old Ray Brown is still out there blocking and making an impact. It's also amazing that this is the second time he's played for Joe Gibbs.

Offensive linemen are constantly getting beaten up and knocked on their butts, but Brown is still in the league, getting the job done, and he says the reason is because he focuses on the fundamentals of keeping his base low and shoulders square. He says that's the only thing he can rely on. I'm glad to say that after 20 years of playing, he's still something the NFL can rely on.

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