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What would you have said if someone told you before the season started that the Skins would sweep the Cowboys, sweep the Eagles, and split with the Giants? Then what would you have said if they told you that the Skins would only finish 10-6 and get the last wildcard spot in the playoffs? I would have told them that they were crazy on both accounts. I felt that we would probably split with all of our division opponents, winning each of the games at home. Sweeping the Cowboys and Eagles and splitting with the Giants I would have felt would mean that we would win the division and possibly clinch homefield throughout the playoffs or a very low seed at least. Suffice it to say I am just happy to be in the playoffs. Go Skins! :cheers:

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I would have said "I'm with you". Especially when Gibbs was throwing around phrases such as CORE REDSKINS, obviously trying to replicate his championship years/ player type formula. Knew it wouldn't be long before he had this team in the playoffs

Now taking a look at it he must have done something right in analyzing the talent. Let's see 2 Redskin records were broken yesterday, way to go in getting us back on track. True this might be just his first year of success, but i'm willing to bet there's much more to come...

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I'd have said......."MORE division games, please!!" Who do we see about getting the Cardinals back in the East?!?!?!?!

All kidding aside, I agree. 'Skins were only 5-5 outside of the division & 0-4 vs. AFC West. If I were only given a 5-1 division mark to work with, I certainly would not have predicted that kind of record.



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Guest ComebackKing

Going into the Season I must admit I did not think it would be a playoff year. Who would have guessed Santana Moss... Mark Brunell (Ramsey started the season remember, oh how long ago that feels.) SO many awesome suprises hope they keep coming! I want 3 more weeks of Redskins football!

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I would have said......you may just be right.

Too many silly people under estimate the greatness of Gibbs.

He is golden, honest and true.

He is a GOD in the world of NFL coaches.

And he came out of a 10 yr retirement to bring HIS team back to greatness.

He inherited a lackluster team with no enthusiasm.

A team that went through players and coaches faster then I go thru toilet paper after a chili fest!!!!

Lots of players didn't want to be here.

They are now playing somewhere else.

Assistant coaches who didn't perform......are long gone.

He brought back the greatness of his past legacy.

He made me proud once again, to wear my Redskins stuff in public.

Most of all, he restored my faith in what can only be called 10 years of ruin and decay.

Gibbs is back!

The Redskins are back!

And with a vengance!

Our legacy is back!

And I couldn't be happier if I won the lottery!!!!

Hail Gibbs!

Hail Redskins!

Hail ALL of you!!!!!!:point2sky

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