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I pulled a Dick Vermeil


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I was at the Fox Sports Grill in Downtown Seattle for the Eagles Game yesterday. My father had to work so he called me about 5 mins after the game. When he asked me “What happened” I about lost it, got all choked up and about broke down in tears and said “We are going to the playoffs!” :cry:

Man I was just over come with emotion, with all the heart break of the past 13 seasons and being 5-6 at one point this season it was such a relief and I was caught up in the moment talking to the man that help start my Redskin fanaticism.


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I hate to compare it to a Cowboy but when Emmitt Smith broke Walter Payton's NFL Rushing Record he saw Daryl “Moose” Johnston, the FB that blocked him for so many years, as he headed to the sidelines and broke into tears.

I spoke to my father who turned me on to being a Redskin Fan @ the age of 4 and about lost it.

I have stuck with my Redskins through so many hard times. I lived in Denver when the won the Broncos won back-2-back Super Bowls and never once thought about doing what many transplants (non Redskin Fans) did by jumping ship. I live in the Seattle Area and watched the Seahawks make the playoffs in 03 and 04 and headed towards home field advantage in the NFC Playoffs while my Redskins had to fight to make the post season and did not once want to jump ship.

This might not be the Redskins year to win it all and it could end on Saturday in Tampa but this had been as special season. The 5 game run to make the playoffs, sweeping the Cowboys, the 2 big wins over Dallas and New York at home in December, going 5-1 in the NFC East after winning 3 Games in the past 3 seasons, Portis and Moss breaking single season Franchise Records after they were suppose to be the bad end of there respective trades and Joe Gibbs Football returning to D.C. .

That is why you are a fan through the tuff times, to enjoy moments like this after so much heart break.

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Being a 3rd generation 'Skins fan living in the heart of Eagles' territory, I can relate to the emotions of the moment. It was quite a moment in our house as my dad, two sons (5 and 12) and I fanatically cheered as Taylor soared over the goal line. Just like any winter day, my sons boarded the school bus this morning wearing their 'Skins attire. But today, they're also wearing a hell of a big smile. Love 'em and love my 'Skins.

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Fuji- All Redskins fans will be weeping and blubbering like Dick Vermeil after the embarrassing and dominating defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers !!!!!

GO BUCS !!!!!!!

So sledd, have you been a Buccaneers Fan through the lean years in the Puke Orange Unis or did you become a fan after Tony Dungy rescued the franchise!



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