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Revenge! Tampa Bay Here We Come!


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This morning I enter ExtremeSkins looking for the playoff talk and the emotional build-up to the Tampa Bay game which is only SIX days away!

I see some titles on page 1 and 2 that could be considered passive, lacking the spirit and fire of the Redskin fans.

This playoff game is HUGE for the Redskins!

While a higher seeding and a home game would have been nice, what could be sweeter than a Redskins victory in Raymond James Stadium in the playoffs?

Our last playoff loss was in 1999 at Tampa Bay. I was distraught when the field goal was botched.

This year we were NEARLY eliminated from the playoffs due to our loss to Tampa Bay.

It is time for REVENGE!

The key to this game is our defense.

We didn't have Sean Taylor for the Tampa Bay game, who hopefully will bring his "A" game this Saturday to make sure Galloway or Williams do not break any big plays. I am concerned about the possible loss of Springs, because Galloway appears to have been a key in the Buc victories in the second half of this season.

I doubt this code exists but I must say this:



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no we did blitz yeseterday that i saw. we just didnt get to mcmahon for some reason and we got beat it seemed a lot. when that happened williams stopped blitzing and we started playing better against the pass. at least thats what i thought i saw..

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